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Puppy Board and Train

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

At G.I K9, we take your dog on a rigorous training course that teaches the basics of agility, obedience, and tricks. Services include meeting your dog's physical and mental needs by developing their confidence, increasing their self-esteem, building their obedience skills and getting them socialized.

We also offer custom-made plans to fit your budget and can customize the plan such as adding in a day of playing with other dogs or multiple days at classes with different levels. We’ll make sure you are well prepared to start training your dog before they even arrive at our facility!

We offer our puppy board and train programs. This is a great investment for you and your new puppy. Our goal is for you to have a well-trained dog that will meet all of your expectations upon pick up, including being housebroken. We also offer a teen or adult board and train program for those who want to focus on specialty tasks such as security, explosive detection, or simply concentrating on obedience training.

puppy board and train

What are the benefits of a board and train program?

When you bring your new puppy home in the beginning, this is very confusing for them. And if you have other dogs or children in the house, it is overwhelming because they are being introduced to a new part of their world. At G.I. K9, we take that first week away from all of these distractions and focus on just your dog! We are able to give them one-on-one attention that allows us to get our training techniques started immediately and helps your puppy become accustomed to different noises, smells, and people around them.

We also work with you on what specific goals you want to accomplish with your dog so that we can tailor our program specifically for you and your dog's needs.

What is included in a board and train program?

If you're looking for something that meets all of your needs, we have many programs. From basic obedience training to training your dog to become a service dog, we can work on anything with you and your dog from start to finish. Along with these services, we offer the convenience of boarding for both puppies and adults and we will make sure that you receive top-notch care for your fur baby.

We customize each program to fit your specific needs and can do some very tricks and activities such as playing fetch, bed bug detection, sniffing for explosives/drugs, etc…

If you are wondering if you should send your puppy to our board and train program at G.I K9 we would be more than happy to answer all of your questions concerning your pup!

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