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What should I feed my dog?

If you have ever wondered if what you're feeding your dog is good for them or what to feed them overall, just know that you are not alone!

Pet Fooled is a great film, filled with reputable sources that have a wealth of knowledge on the nutrition of animals. As owners, we always want to give our babies the best! It can be tricky and confusing to decide what to feed your furry loved ones, especially with deceptive marketing.


This film supports a biologically species-specific diet for all animals. This means that for your dog a carnivorous diet, specifically a raw diet, is the only way to provide your dog truly with the nutrition they need.

A raw diet is exactly as it sounds, raw chicken, raw beef, raw gizzards, etc. Mixed with cooked rice, carrots, spinach, green beans, broccoli, blueberries, pureed sweet potatoes, pureed pumpkin, honey, beef/chicken broth, probiotic milk, and chia seeds, is a great way to start! This is an example of what we make our dogs every day!

When you think about your diet and nutrition, it seems like a no-brainer to make fresh food every day for yourself with fresh, quality ingredients. This should be the same mentality when it comes to your furry friends! While making your dishes, it is the most convenient to simultaneously cook your furry friends' dishes at the same time!

GIK9 is excited to announce that we are working towards providing the same recipe we provide our dogs to the amazing furry friends we work with! We are currently selling one-ingredient chicken treats that we dehydrate ourselves at our home!

We hope you take the time to watch the very informative film, Pet Fooled. If you have any remaining questions about pet nutrition we would love to be of help!

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