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Why Choose Us

Deciding on the right place to bring your furry friend can be challenging. As we know you're not just looking for the right place, you're looking for the right people. 

If you're looking for:


we are committed to you and your dog(s) health, safety, training success, and happiness. we do this by sending training videos during their time with us! these videos will show you their progress during their training and keep you involved while they're away. 


gik9 exists because of our love and care for dogs. you can trust the experience and knowledge behind what we do because it has been built upon the desire to understand dogs. we hold ourselves to the standard of clear communication with dogs to ensure direction and understanding in our training.


Our support for you and your furry loved ones goes beyond the board and train. we believe in lifelong support and offer free one-on-ones following the board and train as our dedication to you.

Then you have come to the right place!

we want to hear from you on how we could be of assistance to you and your furry friends!


call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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