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Who We Are

GIK9 Is a company founded by Sean galavan. Sean galavan is a disabled, combat veteran. he served two tours in Afghanistan for the usmc. following his service He started his journey following his lifelong passion, working with dogs. Sean has been working with dogs for over ten years. His alma mater for dog training are AK9I, KIX K9, and CSK9. He has worked for TSA in explosive detection and provided his detection services for Barack Obama and Bill Gates at the Illumina Genomics Forum. Sean’s knowledge in working with dogs ranges from basic to advanced obedience, detection of explosives, narcotics, bed bugs, protection, behavioral modification, aggression, and service certification. Sean is a certified canine handler who is able to certify others in canine handling.

Detection Contract

Sean's college education in human psychology assists in his ability to develop clear communication with dogs. it is the foundation for which he is able to bridge the gap between humans and dogs to reach the owner's intended goals for their furry loved one. his practice of positive reinforcement training in combination with his prior knowledge has provided continual success for the families gik9 has provided support to.     

our mission is to aid individuals and families on their journey with their furry loved one(S) during their time of need, to foster a more positive family dynamic where everyone is happy.

Small Terrier
Dogs on a Bench
Walking the Dog
Dogs with Dog Walker
Dog Walker at the Park
Dog Walker
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