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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog too old to be trained?

No dog is ever to old to train. Training should also be fun! When you train a dog you are conditioning that response. With the proper technique and guidance, any dog can still be trainable and have fun doing it.

What is your approach to dog training?

we believe in positive reinforcement with the support of balanced training. meaning when we're training your dog and our dogs we use praise, treats, toys, and love to reward the desired behavior we're building.

How do i get my dog to be a service dog

The dog has to carry out at least two tasks for its handler. GIk9 has made multiple service dogs for combat veterans! Please call us today to talk more!

what if i want to visit my dog during their board and train?

we understand during this time you will miss your furry friend. we will never stop you from visiting them! but we do advise against it as it could cause regression in their training.

Where will my dog(s) be staying during their board and train?

we run our business out of our home! so you can take comfort in knowing your dog will be in a home setting with us, where they will be able to be kept safe and healthy day and night!

what do i need to bring for their board and train?

we require vaccination records showing they have received and are up to date on their Bordetella, lepto, parvo, and rabies vaccinations. please also be sure to bring their food. 

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