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How Do Genetics Play a Role in a Dog?

Most people are aware of how a dog's genetics play a role in how the dog looks. Their coat, their size, their eye color, paw shape, etc.

But what most aren't aware of when selecting their furry friend, is how the genetics of their parents play an even more important role in who your furry friend will be.

We believe that not all dogs are created equal. That sentiment is true on many accounts including that not all dogs have the same genetic makeup. This sounds rhetorical when you are looking at the health of each dog and the dog's appearance, but it goes further than that. We typically want to look towards breed-specific characteristics when choosing what furry friend would fit best with our lifestyle. And what most don't consider is that it's not just their breed that plays a role in their personality but where they come from.

Knowing what the parents are like of your furry loved one will give you the best idea of what your furry friend will be like in their adult life. The drive, the energy, the temperament, are all characteristics that can be seen in the parents of your potential furry friend. Which will give you a better idea of who will fit your lifestyle better. Asking questions about a potential furry loved one's parents and what they were like will be the overarching idea of how your furry friend will be.

For example, our detection rockstar Vixie has a high nose drive in her genetics which can already be seen in her 9-week-old puppies. That is because of the puppy's genetics and who their mom and dad are. Another example would be one of our other German Shepherd puppies, Rafiki, who has a medium drive. This is due to the genetics of his mom, Bear. She is also a detection dog but with a lesser nose drive compared to Vixie. Both litters of Vixie and Bear share the same father, Rocco, which has played a role in their confidence. But again, their genetics aren't exactly the same although they are all German Shepherds.

Not all dogs are created but all dogs deserve love and we know that is the consensus! Keeping genetics in mind when searching for your forever friend is a way for you as the owner to make sure it is a good fit and to decrease the number of furry friends being rehomed!

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