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4x4 Dog Training Program - GIK9 California

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

If you are looking for 5-star rated dog training you have MOST definitely come to the right place! Our professional dog trainer, Manny Hernandez specializes in many different types of training: from basic obedience to protection services and more.

Manny's specialty is his 4x4 dog training program. What is a 4x4 dog training program? This entails boarding and training 4 dogs over a 4 week period. Manny has had great success with his 4x4 course in the past and he is looking to take on the challenge of training new dogs.

As part of our 4x4 dog training program, Manny and the G.I. K9 trainers will teach you, and your dog, the basics of obedience and behavior. This will include how to handle your dog's needs and your dog's needs around you and the family. Our 4x4 dog training program is an excellent way to get your new pup off to a great start in life as well as an excellent way to gain further knowledge of how to train a wonderful family pet.

Our dog training programs are perfect for first-time dog owners or those wanting to improve their current skills with their dogs. 4x4 training can be the start of a great relationship between you, your family, and your dog.

G.I. K9 4x4 Dog Training Program

Manny Hernandez has years of experience in the field of dog training and is looking to share this knowledge with you and your dog. The goal of our 4x4 dog training program is to prepare your dog for life in the real world as well as provide you with a fun and positive way to develop a bond with your new best friend. Manny understands the importance of having a strong bond with your dog and is willing to share his knowledge on how to best achieve this.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to include G.I. K9 California in your dog training needs! Our 4x4 dog training program can help you, and your pup, learn the basics of obedience & respect!

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