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What is a Board and Train Program?

A Board and Train program is a type of behavior management program which usually occurs in our facility. During this period, the dog's everyday environment is controlled precisely so that they can learn to be calm and well-behaved. The trainer basically 'trains for you' by teaching your pup how to be excellent company; it's like having a new best friend!

Board and Train programs are often suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, age groups, and behavioral issues. There are no set time periods for board and train programs as every dog has their own individual needs - some may take six weeks or more while others may require 8 weeks or more depending on their needs. Our dogs go to work with us every day, so if you need dog care for several weeks or months, we can help. There are a few things to consider before hiring a board and train program.

The Board and Train program is the easiest way to have your dog trained, but it does require some work on your part. Your dog will be under the care of a professional trainer for the majority of their time with us, which means you will need to do everything that your trainer tells you as well. Your pup will have to live in your home with you during this time so it is crucial that you are also aware of your dog's needs.

It is crucial that you remain consistent with making sure the training continues even when you start bringing your dog home, as this makes it a little easier for you and your dog. However, it is very important to not make too much of a fuss about training your dog. This can confuse the dog and cause them to want to quit. Your dog does not understand everything that you say, so it is important that you speak calmly and firmly in a tone your pup understands.

The focus of a Board and Train program is to teach your dog everything they need to know in order to become a well-behaved member of society. If you have any questions about G.I K9's Board and Train program please give us a call! We are always available to discuss you and your pup's needs!

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